Ryan Sellick Sound Design Demo Reel 2016

Sound Design Reel – 2016


I created this video to showcase my best sound design projects as of 2016. I created the opening animation and the glitchy video effects using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Sound design is by far my favorite trade! I love the effect that good audio has on a multimedia project, and over the years I have developed a keen …

Horror Film Short – 2017


This Horror Short Film was created for the Eugene Film Society annual 72-hour Horror Short Film competition. This year, all participants must include the eyeglasses as a prop, and the dialogue “So, lesson one, you never go anywhere alone.” The film was written and directed by Adam Rubino and Jessica Haeckel. They assembled the team, and together we created this …

A-Game BJJ Sound Design for Intro Video

Brand Sound Design


This is an introduction video for A-Game BJJ, a side project of mine. The animation was created by Tim Hashko (steamingkettle.net), and I designed the audio. I experimented with various sound effects and methods to get the right sound. I wanted something earthy and strong, but also clear and thoughtful. The final sound effect is a kettlebell scraping against the …

Bigfoot Yancey EP Welcome to the City Music Recording Music Production Ryan Sellick

Music Recording/Production – 2015

RyanAudio, Music

Bigfoot Yancey is a folk Americana band from Indianapolis, Indiana. These talented gentleman are also friends of mine! I was pretty stoked when they asked me to help them with some music recording. My equipment was limited, and the space wasn’t ideal, but I made do. I used several different microphones on the band to capture a live performance of …

Scotty's Brewhouse sign

Sound Design for Video – 2012


This video was designed to introduce Scotty Wise of Scotty’s Brewhouse during his keynote speech at a national conference in Chicago. Directed by Tim Hashko (steamingkettle.net), sound design and score by yours truly, voice narration by Mike Boris (mikeborisaudio.com). Sound DesignMusic and ScoreVoice RecordingMixing and MasteringCheck it out!

Sound Design for Video – 2013


Tim Hasko (steamingkettle.net) created this video for his video class at IUPUI, and asked that I put a few finishing touches on the audio. I added some sound effects, included some dramatic score and made sure everything was mixed properly. I used Cakewalk Sonar X1 to create the final audio for this video. Sound DesignFoley Sound EffectsMixing and MasteringCheck it …

Game Starr Ficticious Sketch Comedy Commercial by Ryan Sellick and Brandon Dennett

Fictitious Ad Video and Sound Design – 2012

RyanAudio, Video

I partnered with Brandon Dennett to create this project for our Foundations of Digital Production Class, as part of the core Graduate Media Arts and Science program at IUPUI. The project encompassed an interactive website, a flash game, and the video shown here. We decided to do a humorous commercial using sound to tell a story. The dad finds a …

Doritos Spec ad for Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2012 Sound Design by Ryan Sellick

Ad Sound Design – 2011


This is a spec ad for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2012 campaign, created and directed by Tim Hashko (Steaming Kettle). I was responsible for Sound Design as well as mixing and mastering the audio. Mike Boris was the voice-over talent for this video. I recorded sound effects of the Doritos bag, snoring, and the Television voice-over. I EQed …

Experimental Sound Design Video by Jerin Kelly sound design by Ryan Sellick art visuals VJ

Experimental Sound Design – 2010


This Is Real. from Jeronimo on Vimeo.I originally created the experimental sound design here for the Dead Birds Adore Us live song Mind Control. When the song would reach a certain point, I would play this audio, which added extra texture and dimension to what the band is playing. The band’s live visual artist/VJ Jerin Kelly used the audio to …

Vectren Energy Safe Kids Sound Design by Ryan Sellick, Multimedia Designer, Musician

Online Game Sound Design – 2009


Vectren’s Energy Safe Kids is an educational online game which teaches children about natural gas and electrical safety. The game was grant-funded and created by a team at IUPUI. I worked under the supervision of sound designer and music producer, Ricardo Laranja. I was primarily responsible for creating the mini-game sound effects and selecting/looping music samples. Audio Analysis and OrganizationSound …