Ryan Sellick Sound Design Demo Reel 2016

Sound Design Reel – 2016


I created this video to showcase my best sound design projects as of 2016. I created the opening animation and the glitchy video effects using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Sound design is by far my favorite trade! I love the effect that good audio has on a multimedia project, and over the years I have developed a keen …

Ryan Sellick Original Music Rock Industrial Electronic Image from archive.org

Original Song – 2010


This is a fun little original song I threw together using Cakewalk Sonar X1 and Propellerhead’s Reason 4.0. I mastered the final audio track using Sony Soundforge. Sometimes, songwriting calls for a lot of experimentation, and a long time to complete. This was not one of those songs! I started by creating the beat and some of the synth sounds …

Ryan Sellick Music Production

Music Production Reel – 2010

RyanAudio, Music

This video contains clips of music production projects spanning from 2007-2010. The artists I worked with here are Firstwater, Zombieater, Dave Morrison, JRobb, Papa Smurf. I included a few original compositions as well. I started recording music and playing with sound design as an undergrad at IU’s School of Informatics. I created this video in 2010 to showcase my work …