A-Game BJJ Sound Design for Intro Video

Brand Sound Design


This is an introduction video for A-Game BJJ, a side project of mine. The animation was created by Tim Hashko (steamingkettle.net), and I designed the audio. I experimented with various sound effects and methods to get the right sound. I wanted something earthy and strong, but also clear and thoughtful. The final sound effect is a kettlebell scraping against the …

Doritos Spec ad for Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2012 Sound Design by Ryan Sellick

Ad Sound Design – 2011


This is a spec ad for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2012 campaign, created and directed by Tim Hashko (Steaming Kettle). I was responsible for Sound Design as well as mixing and mastering the audio. Mike Boris was the voice-over talent for this video. I recorded sound effects of the Doritos bag, snoring, and the Television voice-over. I EQed …