Bigfoot Yancey EP Welcome to the City Music Recording Music Production Ryan Sellick

Music Recording/Production – 2015

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Bigfoot Yancey is a folk Americana band from Indianapolis, Indiana. These talented gentleman are also friends of mine! I was pretty stoked when they asked me to help them with some music recording. My equipment was limited, and the space wasn’t ideal, but I made do. I used several different microphones on the band to capture a live performance of …

Music Video Production – 2017

RyanMusic, Video

I helped my friend Jessica Haeckel (Gemiinii Riisiing) create this music video. Jessica has been creating music videos and performing covers for her YouTube audience for over 10 years. She approached me with the song about 80% complete, and had a specific vision for the music video. I helped her finish the song and complete this vision. With her guidance, …

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Original Song – 2010


This is a fun little original song I threw together using Cakewalk Sonar X1 and Propellerhead’s Reason 4.0. I mastered the final audio track using Sony Soundforge. Sometimes, songwriting calls for a lot of experimentation, and a long time to complete. This was not one of those songs! I started by creating the beat and some of the synth sounds …

Ryan Sellick Music Production

Music Production Reel – 2010

RyanAudio, Music

This video contains clips of music production projects spanning from 2007-2010. The artists I worked with here are Firstwater, Zombieater, Dave Morrison, JRobb, Papa Smurf. I included a few original compositions as well. I started recording music and playing with sound design as an undergrad at IU’s School of Informatics. I created this video in 2010 to showcase my work …