Ryan Sellick Sound Design Demo Reel 2016

Sound Design Reel – 2016


I created this video to showcase my best sound design projects as of 2016. I created the opening animation and the glitchy video effects using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Sound design is by far my favorite trade! I love the effect that good audio has on a multimedia project, and over the years I have developed a keen …

Scotty's Brewhouse sign

Sound Design for Video – 2012


This video was designed to introduce Scotty Wise of Scotty’s Brewhouse during his keynote speech at a national conference in Chicago. Directed by Tim Hashko (steamingkettle.net), sound design and score by yours truly, voice narration by Mike Boris (mikeborisaudio.com). Sound DesignMusic and ScoreVoice RecordingMixing and MasteringCheck it out!