Music Video Production – 2017

RyanMusic, Video

I helped my friend Jessica Haeckel (Gemiinii Riisiing) create this music video. Jessica has been creating music videos and performing covers for her YouTube audience for over 10 years. She approached me with the song about 80% complete, and had a specific vision for the music video. I helped her finish the song and complete this vision. With her guidance, …

Dead Birds Adore Us Music Promotional Video 2015 Banshee

Artist Promotional Video – 2015

RyanMusic, Video

This is a music promotional video for my band Dead Birds Adore Us, promoting our album in 2015. The footage was shot by Tim Hashko ( I edited the video using Adobe Premiere and used Adobe After Effects for some of the visual effects and titles. The purpose of the video was to give our audience a taste of the …