Social Media Marketing Campaign and Graphic Design Dead Birds Adore Us Ryan Sellick-FULL

Social Media Campaign – 2015

RyanGraphic Design, Other

This was my Grad School capstone project, a Social Media Marketing campaign promoting my band’s music (Dead Birds Adore Us) and brand. I created the above Infographic for my Capstone presentation to summarize the results. In early 2014 we recorded a full length album. 10 songs of music that took us 3 years to write and perfect. We ran a …

Multimedia Application Design Virtual Reality Space Base Mase Game by Ryan Sellick and Jon Sheldon-thumb

Multimedia Application Design – 2013

RyanAudio, Other

This is a virtual reality project for the Graduate level Multimedia Application Design course at IU’s School of Informatics and Computing, and surely one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever done. Given the freedom to create whatever we want, my partner Jonathan Sheldon and I chose to go the experimental route and explore the virtual reality technology at IUPUI’s …