Ice Trike Treats Logo Design by Ryan Sellick

Logo Design – 2016

RyanGraphic Design

A local Indianapolis ice cream cart business owner contacted me about designing a logo for his cart and T-Shirts. After some discussion, we agreed to give the logo a bit of 60’s vintage look to it. Admittedly, I don’t have much hands-on experience creating logos, but I do understand what makes a good logo. After some research, I created dozens …

Omniture Infographic Designed by Ryan Sellick and Celeste Odell

Infographic Design – 2012

RyanGraphic Design

Here’s a fun little illustration I created during my internship at Delivra. The purpose of this Infographic Design was to help explain the role of Omniture software in Delivra’s email marketing system. The illustration was included in an Omniture marketing whitepaper. Celeste Odell (Senior Graphic Designer) sketched this design, and I created the final drawing using Adobe Illustrator. Graphic DesignInfographic …