Dead Birds Adore Us Performing Acoustic Version of The Virus Music Video Production by Ryan Sellick

Music Video and Audio Recording – 2014

RyanAudio, Music, Video

This is a promotional music video clip for my band Dead Birds Adore Us. I performed in the video, directed the video, multi-track recorded the audio, edited the video, and applied visual effects.

This video was created to help promote our acoustic shows, giving our fans a taste of the sound.

The video was recorded live using a few takes with two camera angles, one stationary and one hand-held. I recorded the music using Cakewalk Sonar X1 and a Firepod FP10 audio interface. The video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, and visual effects were added in Adobe After Effects.

  • Music Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Visual Effects
  • Music Recording
  • Music Performance

Check it out!